Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Weight Loss #4


Motivation for myself and anyone who needs it :) - image from google

This week I didn't have my Monday night sugar craft class so I went to my regular meeting which is on a Monday night (I only changed to Wednesdays due to the course) I thought that if I could get weighed and see what the damage was I could put it behind me and start fresh.
Weigh in update -1/2lb
WOO HOO!!!!!!
I know its not much but considering the rubbish I have eaten since last weigh in this is a miracle. I did honestly expect a gain.
So this 'week' I have 9 days until weigh in (well 7 from today)
My plan is to try to stick to the basics, I've done my shopping and bought in pink n' white wafers to combat my sweet tooth. I've got my 1st week meal diary out and plan to use that as a guide.
once again I will try and keep a diary of what I have had I may take some photo's and share my meals that way. Maybe they can be some food inspiration for you, please feel free to share your meal ideas as I really get stuck in a rut.
Anyway onwards to a good week :)
Talk soon x