Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weight Loss #11

Morning all :)
So I went to my meeting late on Monday night as my hubby didn't get back in from work til late. Luckily they were still weighing and hadn't started the meeting.
Weigh in update: -2.5lb!!!!!!
I got my club 10 :)
For any of you that don't know what club 10 is, it means I have lost 10% of my body weight, if I manage to keep it off for 10 weeks then I get a week free at my meeting :)
With getting to this milestone I have been looking back at my weight loss and it may have been slow and steady but since last January I have now lost 20lb which I think is great. I wish it had been faster but at least I've lost the weight and kept it off.
So onwards to a new week and I'm currently on target of hitting my 1.5lb loss a week so I've done my online shopping tonight which should arrive first thing tomorrow morning full of things to keep me on track towards my goal.
Oh 2 things that have really helped over the last few weeks which I thought I'd share with you. Firstly I have been making a massive bowl of fruit salad and keeping it in the fridge to snack on and to satisfy my sweet tooth and second of all I keep telling myself to take it a day at a time especially when I really want to give in and eat chocolate and pizza on a Sunday night. I have been telling my self that if I can just get through the day without going over my syn allowance then tomorrow is a new day and before I know it we're back round to weigh day :)
So good luck to you this week I hope you're doing well.
Talk soon x