Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Nights & Sugarcraft

Happy Monday once again :)
I'm a bit late with this post but I think that's OK as I don't have many readers :)
Tonight I finished off my little choir boy... well mine turned into a choir man with a tash lol When I looked at him I felt like he needed a moustache, it seemed to suit his character.

Its the first time I have made any models or characters like this and I quite like them :) They are not as difficult to do as I imagined and are very effective. I have some ideas buzzing around my head now on different ways to use this technique. I have also made him completely edible which is something I really wanted to do because as I take these techniques forward I want my models to be able to be used on children's cakes specifically my sons and I know the last cake I made he grabbed the figure off the cake! Luckily it was made out of icing and he was only one lol so you can't expect anything else :) So for his next cake I certainly want to make sure everything is edible.
Anyway its a short but sweet entry tonight as I'm shattered.
Talk soon x