Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weight Loss #11

Morning all :)
So I went to my meeting late on Monday night as my hubby didn't get back in from work til late. Luckily they were still weighing and hadn't started the meeting.
Weigh in update: -2.5lb!!!!!!
I got my club 10 :)
For any of you that don't know what club 10 is, it means I have lost 10% of my body weight, if I manage to keep it off for 10 weeks then I get a week free at my meeting :)
With getting to this milestone I have been looking back at my weight loss and it may have been slow and steady but since last January I have now lost 20lb which I think is great. I wish it had been faster but at least I've lost the weight and kept it off.
So onwards to a new week and I'm currently on target of hitting my 1.5lb loss a week so I've done my online shopping tonight which should arrive first thing tomorrow morning full of things to keep me on track towards my goal.
Oh 2 things that have really helped over the last few weeks which I thought I'd share with you. Firstly I have been making a massive bowl of fruit salad and keeping it in the fridge to snack on and to satisfy my sweet tooth and second of all I keep telling myself to take it a day at a time especially when I really want to give in and eat chocolate and pizza on a Sunday night. I have been telling my self that if I can just get through the day without going over my syn allowance then tomorrow is a new day and before I know it we're back round to weigh day :)
So good luck to you this week I hope you're doing well.
Talk soon x

Friday, 17 January 2014

Weight Loss #10

Hello fellow slimmers :)
(if anyone is reading please comment about your weight loss I could do with some company)
Well last weigh in was awful in many ways
Weigh in update: 0 pounds lost
I stayed the same which I suppose is better than a gain but I did put a lot of effort into last week and for the scales to say I'd lost nothing was really disappointing.
To top it off I had to take my son with me who is 18 months and it was about his bedtime. He was OK until we left the house.... When I got to the meeting he screamed and cried as my leader tried to hold him so I could get weighed. Hot and bothered after taking him to my meeting I had to nip over the road to the shop as I had to get a birthday card for a work colleague, whilst in there my disappointment and stressed state got the better of me - I bought chocolate. I then proceeded to go next door and get chips for tea as my husband was going to be back from work late (already 7.30pm by this point)
I then spent the rest of the evening feeling very rubbish as I hadn't lost any weight, I was on my own with a very difficult 18 month old who didn't want to go to sleep and eating chips & chocolate :(
So that was Monday...
Since Monday fortunately my chips and chocolate haven't effected the scales and I have been good for the rest of the week, I just have to get through Saturday & Sunday.
Does anyone have any tasty meals or strategies for coping with the weekend or any single parents who have to deal with my Monday night on a regular basis?? (I bow down to you if you deal with that on your own)
Fingers crossed for a good result on Monday
Talk soon x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weight loss #9

Good evening :)
I completely forgot to update this on Monday I think its because I was late getting back from my Slimming World meeting . Of course everyone went crazy joining my local club as it was the first weigh in of the new year so it was super busy.
Anyway I'm please to report
Weigh in update: -2lb
Wooooo hoooo!!!
I did try really hard as it was over new year and I was away celebrating but I'm so glad to have a good start going into the new year.
This week I have again been trying my hardest to stick to the plan :) I have been on 2 walks this week and made a massive bowl of fruit salad with 5 different fruits in to keep my sweet tooth at bay.
I have slipped up a little though as my husband brought back from work some chocolate and like a moth to a flame I gravitated towards it. We have also been out for a carvery today, I don't feel that that was the worst thing ever I'm just really hoping that it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow.
I have however made a batch of soup up so that I don't stray off plan over the next few days and another batch of fruit salad.
So I get weighed in tomorrow night and I will try and write about it sooner as I feel I'm playing catch up with myself writing it like this.
Talk soon x

Friday, 10 January 2014

My Goals 2014

Hello all, hope you're having a good day.
Now I know we're into the second week of January and for anyone reading this you may be sick of reading all about peoples goals and life aspirations but really anytime is a good time to set some goals and things to achieve it makes us positive and productive (now I'm just spouting rubbish so I'll get on with it lol)
I set myself some to do list things last year when I started this blog and I have managed to achieve some of them.
I now have my hygiene certificate for my cake business, I have added more cakes to my portfolio and I obviously achieved all my Christmas plans.
Now for 2014 I would really like to achieve:
  1. My weight loss goals
  2. 2 areas of the house decorated
  3. Build my cake business further and add to my cake portfolio
  4. Complete my 30 by 30 list
  5. Keep up with this blog

I think 5 year goals is quite enough to be going on with :) There will certainly be more things to achieve throughout the year but I think they will go on a separate to-do list.
I'll come back to review this I think possibly at 3 month intervals to keep my eye on the goals :)
Does anyone else make goals or resolutions for the year? Are they practical and achievable or do you fall at the first hurdle?
Talk soon x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas cakes

Hello all, hope you're having a nice day
I set out in 2013 to create more cakes to add to my portfolio and hopefully expand my skills. I had 4 cake orders 3 sponge and one fruit.

(only 3 photos as I did 2 Santa faces)
I'm really please with the work that I have done and it was a tough few days getting them all done in time for Christmas but I'm glad I took on the work and hopefully this year is going to be bigger and better :)
I've just bought myself a new mixer too so I hope to write a review on that once I have thoroughly tested it and I also want to do a post on my cake portfolio so far, more for myself than anything as it will be nice to see all the pictures together.
talk soon :) xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Weight loss #8

Happy New Year!!!!
Right we're already about a week into 2014 and I'm back into weight loss with renewed motivation :)
I went and weighed in on 30/12/13
Weigh in update: +1.5lb
So I'm not where I wanted to be going into 2014 but I don't think that's too bad for over the festive period. So with this gain I start 2014 at 12st 7lb. I did start with a good attitude but haven't been able to fully dedicate myself this week as on the 31st December and 1st January I was away celebrating the new year with family and there is only so much you can do when eating in other peoples homes and travelling. I have however been very good and on track since then and my first weigh in of 2014 is tomorrow.

I have set my self a challenge to lose 20lb in 3 months (or to be really precise 13 weeks) I don't want to be messing around all year losing weight I want to achieve my goals so for a 1/4 year goal I have a wedding to go to and I would like to wear a nice dress instead of feeling fat, frumpy and getting down about it.
I hope you all have had a great Christmas and are about to have a fantastic new year. please share with me your goals and join me in this challenge, we can all do it together :)
Talk soon xx