Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Nights & Sugarcraft

Hello, I hope you are all having a lovely Monday (Yes I know Mondays suck but its 6pm lets chill now)

I have recently begun a course on sugar craft which takes place on a Monday night (so as you can imagine as you are reading this I am at the course learning something new) as I'm trying to start up a cake business so wanted to expand my skills. This makes my Mondays super hectic, I leave the house at 8am for work then straight from work go to the course and don't get home till 9pm. So I don't get to see my little boy that day or my husband but its only one day a week and its only a 10 week course so for the sake of progress I have to do these things.

The course so far is OK, I've learnt how to make roses but these kind of decorations are inedible. They are nice but a little bit dated I feel.

Some of my equipment needed for sugar craft

Some of the roses coloured red waiting to be steamed
As the course progresses I'm hoping to do more modern even edible things so that I can use them on my cakes which will make them more desirable.

For a bit of background info - I started making cakes over a year ago but my progress has been very slow due to several reasons, I was never sure if I wanted to make this into a business, I then had my little boy and it took a while to get back on my feet due to postnatal depression (I may touch on that in another post) Now I'm back at work part time and over the PND I have got back into baking and am really trying to make this into a business which I love. If I can make this happen then I may even be able to quit my job fully but I think I'm a long way off that yet lol
My portfolio is getting bigger which is good and I have three wedding cakes under my belt now. My next upcoming challenges other than the sugar craft is a baby bump cake and a tank cake which I will share the results with you.
If you have any tips or suggestions please leave a comment
Talk soon x