Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Nights & Sugarcraft

Happy Monday everyone :)
Well this week wasn't that interesting really. We decorated an angel biscuit.

However I really like the effect :) I think they look really nice but a lot of effort just for a biscuit especially if you were to decorate a whole batch but again I suppose once you get the hang of things you get quicker. We were given the biscuit to decorate but the week before we were also given the recipe so I made some Christmas trees to try the recipe out. Its is so easy to make and a really tasty biscuit.
It consists of plain flour, icing sugar, butter and vanilla essence. You rub the lot together, once its rubbed together like bread crumbs you squash it all together, roll out and cut shapes then cook on lowish heat for 20 mins, done.
This has give me some ideas for my homemade Christmas gift baskets I am making and will make them a little more special I think.
Next week I think I am going to be making some models to go on cakes but we'll see how it progresses.
Thanks for reading.
Talk soon x