Friday, 11 October 2013

Weight loss #1

There are certain areas of my own life that I want to focus on just for myself and this is one of them.
I want to lose weight!
I want to lose weight for many reasons, most of them are the same for anyone who wishes to lose weight but here they are in black and white for all to see.
  1. To be slimmer
  2. Feel sexier
  3. To buy a capsule wardrobe or key pieces and not have to keep buying different sizes
  4. To be healthier
  5. To be fitter
  6. To be able to do much more with my little boy without being out of puff as he gets older
I know some of those reasons fall within each other but never mind.
I was a UK size 12 before I had my little boy (June '12) and that was fine with me, I've never been any smaller and I would have to do some serious dieting/exercise all of the time to get any lower.
(I say this because when I was 16 I exercised every night and ate really well but still wasn't any smaller than a UK12)
Now I'm a UK size 16 and struggling to reduce that but to be honest I've been playing at it. I started at Slimming World in February this year and have lost 1st 3lb. Now I could have lost more than this during this time but at least I have kept it off and still enjoyed myself that's the way that I look at it anyway but now I feel I need to push on further as I'm not happy staying at this size. Personally I have my own cut off weight and once I reach this weight I know its seriously time to do something about it but due to pregnancy and taking the 'eating for two' thing way too far I went over my cut off weight by 3 stone.
I'm only 10.5lb away from my pre-preg weight now but due to body changes I think its going to take more than that to get back into my pre-preg clothes.
So here starts my new journey, I get weighed in on a Wednesday at the moment so I shall give you an update next week.
I'm going to try and make this a regular feature on my blog to keep me on track so if anyone wants to to join me and kick my ass that would be great.
I want that 10.5lb gone by the end of the year at the very least :)
Talk soon x