Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weight loss #9

Good evening :)
I completely forgot to update this on Monday I think its because I was late getting back from my Slimming World meeting . Of course everyone went crazy joining my local club as it was the first weigh in of the new year so it was super busy.
Anyway I'm please to report
Weigh in update: -2lb
Wooooo hoooo!!!
I did try really hard as it was over new year and I was away celebrating but I'm so glad to have a good start going into the new year.
This week I have again been trying my hardest to stick to the plan :) I have been on 2 walks this week and made a massive bowl of fruit salad with 5 different fruits in to keep my sweet tooth at bay.
I have slipped up a little though as my husband brought back from work some chocolate and like a moth to a flame I gravitated towards it. We have also been out for a carvery today, I don't feel that that was the worst thing ever I'm just really hoping that it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow.
I have however made a batch of soup up so that I don't stray off plan over the next few days and another batch of fruit salad.
So I get weighed in tomorrow night and I will try and write about it sooner as I feel I'm playing catch up with myself writing it like this.
Talk soon x