Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Weight Loss #2

So this week has been 50/50 with following the plan. I thought I was doing really well then I went off the rails. As you can see from some of my other posts I enjoy cake making and decorating, these things do not go hand in hand with dieting.
On Monday night I had my sugarcraft class then came home and ate some of the things that I had made and of course they had umpteen syns in them. I just hope they don't show up too badly on the scales. :(
Also I need to admit it to myself on here...... I am not following the plan properly, that is why I am not getting the results I want!!!!!!!!!
For the first time in ages I counted up the syns I had in a day but the time I had got through dinner I had had 9.5 syns!!! So on all those days/weeks I haven't been counting I must have been going over by loads I am amazed I have even been able to keep the weight off.
So my plan is that during the course of this next week I am going to write a blog post containing my meals and syns. I may make this into one long post for next week or I may upload a few posts during the week, I'll see how long it turns out.
Weigh in was tonight...
Weigh in update:  -1/2lb

Onwards and downwards...