Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday Nights & Sugarcraft

Hello and happy Monday once again :)

So tonight has been my fourth night on my 10 week course. I wasn't really feeling up to it to be honest as I had been up a lot the night before with my little boy who is not feeling very well. So very tired and bleary eyed come this evening.

Luckily it was a nice gentle class and I didn't do much really, the tutor helped me put it all together :) So I now have a finished rose arrangement ready to be put on top of a cake. I must say for a first attempt I am pretty pleased with it.

So yay me :) I have the basic skills on this one to take into other projects. To produce this one arrangement though it has taken a long time and I know I'm new at this but I still think that even with practise these will take a while to produce and I now understand why they are so expensive to buy.
Next task is biscuit decoration which is quite a good one for me as I am planning to do home made gift baskets for Christmas and biscuits is one of the things I was going to make.
Anyway talk soon x
PS. For anyone who does read these I will try and write more content as I get more familiar with blogging :)