Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To do lists...

Good morning :) I've decided it time to get organised...

My mind gets a bit muddled with all the things I'd like to achieve and I end up half doing things or over thinking them and never actually doing anything so I thought I'd write some things down.
So I've been thinking there are a few projects I want to achieve over the upcoming months. Some are achievable and some will spill over into next year but its good to have something to work towards plus with having this blog now it will be good to see it in writing and refer back to.

So I would like to achieve:

  • A daily schedule for me and my little boy
  • Home made Christmas baskets for presents
  • Decorating various rooms in the house
  • Reorganising rooms
  • Get organised for Christmas
  • Make more cakes for my portfolio
  • Do my food hygiene course
  • Get to my goal weight
  • Sort out a 30 things by 30 list
  • Do some autumn activities with my little boy
 These might not be anything mind blowing but they are things on my agenda. I may add more to it yet :)

If anyone is reading this do you have lists like this? And do you have any things you would like to accomplish before the end of the year or even the end of the week :) Please share with me as it may inspire other things for me to do, maybe something more adventurous...

Talk soon x