Saturday, 26 October 2013

Weight loss #3

So this week started off well then went down hill, I last posted about half of my weeks efforts which were OK but not great this then quickly turned into bad, really really bad.
Weigh in update: +1lb
This does not seem like a lot but its really not how I wanted things to go and I only have myself to blame.
Since the weigh in my eating has become even worse I haven't been keeping track of a single thing I have eaten. Some of the stuff has been SW friendly but then other really bad stuff has crept in. I fell victim to a box of pop tarts (which has been one of the worst culprits) I haven't had them in years and as I was walking around Tesco picking up a few bits I seemed unable to resist :(
 Also this week...well last night I went on a night out. One of the girls from work is leaving and moving away so we all went out for a few drinks. Now I really regret this one. I didn't even drink that much and didn't really have a great time and this morning I am suffering. Not too badly but I've got a headache and am very tired. I kind of wish I hadn't drank.
So that's my pitiful effort this week which will surely result in another gain. It will take a miracle for the scales to even stay the same I think.
Anyway onward to a new day.
Talk soon x