Friday, 22 November 2013

Weight loss #6

Hello fellow slimmers :)
I've been a bit AWOL from my blog recently, things have just been a bit hectic and all I have wanted to do is sit and relax in the evening.
Weigh in update: -0.5lb
I lost 1/2 a pound last week and maintained this week. I was really hoping for a loss this week but I did go to Manchester to the Christmas markets and ate lots of yummy food and came back with lots of yummy treats so I am actually quite happy with maintaining as it could have been worse.
Over the last few weeks we have cleared out our garage and made it all usable after we had the roof replaced. I now can use my cross trainer. I bought the cross trainer over a year and a half ago from eBay with the intentions that when my son was born I would be able to use it and get rid of my weight without paying for a gym membership.
...I haven't been on it once :S
So now the garage is all waterproof and we have cleaned it up there is no reason why I should not be able to fit in 1/2 an hour a day on the cross trainer. I might start off slow by just doing 10 mins a day or 30 mins but just 3 times a week but I hope to do it either during my son's nap after dinner or in the evening.
So fingers crossed for a good week everyone
Talk soon x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weight loss #5

So this week I tried again to do better and I had my weekly weigh in last night
Weigh in update: -1/2lb
So at least I'm heading in the right direction although I want to do better. This week my aim is to lose 1.5lb which will get me out of my weight loss rut. If I manage to lose 1.5lb then I will be at my lowest so far on this journey and I will feel like I have turned a corner.
These are just two of the meals I had this last week
Hearty Italian style meal

This meal contains celery,carrots, onions,peppers, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, passata, chicken, bacon, macaroni, oregano & garlic. It's a fantastic meal, the original recipe for this was called a 'soup' but every time I have made this its more like a meal. I suppose you could make it into a soup by blending the veg a bit and adding less pasta but i like it like this. It is so yummy and satisfying.

Sweet potato and prawn curry

This meal contains sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, sugar snap peas, garlic, chilli, chilli powder, curry powder, cumin, ground coriander, prawns (and I added chicken too) served with rice.

I may have forgotten some ingredients in the curry but I am writing this from memory, this recipe is actually from the extra easy cook book so if you have that you will be able to look it up in there. I added the chicken as I didn't feel I had enough prawns in it and the mix seemed to work well :)

If you would like any more details on those meals let me know but they were quite simple to make.

Wishing you all a good weigh loss week :)

Talk soon x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Nights & Sugarcraft

Happy Monday once again :)
I'm a bit late with this post but I think that's OK as I don't have many readers :)
Tonight I finished off my little choir boy... well mine turned into a choir man with a tash lol When I looked at him I felt like he needed a moustache, it seemed to suit his character.

Its the first time I have made any models or characters like this and I quite like them :) They are not as difficult to do as I imagined and are very effective. I have some ideas buzzing around my head now on different ways to use this technique. I have also made him completely edible which is something I really wanted to do because as I take these techniques forward I want my models to be able to be used on children's cakes specifically my sons and I know the last cake I made he grabbed the figure off the cake! Luckily it was made out of icing and he was only one lol so you can't expect anything else :) So for his next cake I certainly want to make sure everything is edible.
Anyway its a short but sweet entry tonight as I'm shattered.
Talk soon x