Friday, 10 January 2014

My Goals 2014

Hello all, hope you're having a good day.
Now I know we're into the second week of January and for anyone reading this you may be sick of reading all about peoples goals and life aspirations but really anytime is a good time to set some goals and things to achieve it makes us positive and productive (now I'm just spouting rubbish so I'll get on with it lol)
I set myself some to do list things last year when I started this blog and I have managed to achieve some of them.
I now have my hygiene certificate for my cake business, I have added more cakes to my portfolio and I obviously achieved all my Christmas plans.
Now for 2014 I would really like to achieve:
  1. My weight loss goals
  2. 2 areas of the house decorated
  3. Build my cake business further and add to my cake portfolio
  4. Complete my 30 by 30 list
  5. Keep up with this blog

I think 5 year goals is quite enough to be going on with :) There will certainly be more things to achieve throughout the year but I think they will go on a separate to-do list.
I'll come back to review this I think possibly at 3 month intervals to keep my eye on the goals :)
Does anyone else make goals or resolutions for the year? Are they practical and achievable or do you fall at the first hurdle?
Talk soon x