Friday, 17 January 2014

Weight Loss #10

Hello fellow slimmers :)
(if anyone is reading please comment about your weight loss I could do with some company)
Well last weigh in was awful in many ways
Weigh in update: 0 pounds lost
I stayed the same which I suppose is better than a gain but I did put a lot of effort into last week and for the scales to say I'd lost nothing was really disappointing.
To top it off I had to take my son with me who is 18 months and it was about his bedtime. He was OK until we left the house.... When I got to the meeting he screamed and cried as my leader tried to hold him so I could get weighed. Hot and bothered after taking him to my meeting I had to nip over the road to the shop as I had to get a birthday card for a work colleague, whilst in there my disappointment and stressed state got the better of me - I bought chocolate. I then proceeded to go next door and get chips for tea as my husband was going to be back from work late (already 7.30pm by this point)
I then spent the rest of the evening feeling very rubbish as I hadn't lost any weight, I was on my own with a very difficult 18 month old who didn't want to go to sleep and eating chips & chocolate :(
So that was Monday...
Since Monday fortunately my chips and chocolate haven't effected the scales and I have been good for the rest of the week, I just have to get through Saturday & Sunday.
Does anyone have any tasty meals or strategies for coping with the weekend or any single parents who have to deal with my Monday night on a regular basis?? (I bow down to you if you deal with that on your own)
Fingers crossed for a good result on Monday
Talk soon x