Thursday, 5 December 2013

Weight Loss #7

Hello fellow slimmers,
I'm going to have to admit I'm not doing so well, the festive season is starting to get to me lol
Weigh in update: +1b
It could be worse but yet again I'm yo-yoing.
I suppose all you can do this time of year is try your best so if I manage to stick around the same weight give or take a pound then I suppose that's some kind of success but really I ought to keep in mind that Christmas is only one day and not a whole month and it also isn't a reason to stuff myself silly.
I really would like to end the year in the next stone bracket which is only 5lb away and I have 4 weigh ins left before the end of the year so I could do this if I really tried.
Well I'm not going to lie I don't think this is going to happen but I can give it a go.
Has anyone else got a goal they would like to achieve by the end of the year? Let me know :)
Talk soon x